Dancing at the Louvre, A reflection on Faith Ringgold's painting, Shefalee Jain. Chakmak (children's magazine), Issue March 2010. (Hindi) Eklavya Publication, Bhopal. To read click here.

Chitron Ki Bhasha, an art column for children by Shefalee Jain, published in Chakmak magazine, Eklavya, Bhopal.

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Reflection on Payal Kho Gayi, by Shefalee Jain. 'Payal Kho Gayi' is a children's book published by Muskaan and Eklavya and illustrated by Kanak Shashi. The essay on this book by Shefalee Jain was first published in Sandarbh, Eklavya, Bhopal , issue 50(Hindi). To read essay click here.