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This workshop was invited by The Third Eye programme of Nirantar Trust, Delhi. It was held in November 2021 and was led by Lokesh Khodke and Shefalee Jain. The workshop was specifically designed for Digital Educators who work with The Third Eye. Most of the participants did not have any earlier training in art.

Most of these educators came from small towns in UP, Rajasthan and Jharkhand where they work with local communities, in the area of gender and community, empowering them with essential digital skills and awareness. This was their first trip to Delhi. The Third Eye team wanted us to initiate with them a workshop that would help them navigate a part of the city and do this through art making.

We devised the workshop as a listening exercise at the site of the Dargah of Sufi saint Bakhtiyar Kaki, in Mehrauli. The listening and observation in and around the Dargah was followed up by a collective exercise in making an illustrated scroll.

We wanted to try and see if, through this workshop, the participants' relationship to fieldwork/site visit could be thought about slightly differently and how they may begin to think about alternative forms apart from the report, as an outcome of fieldwork.


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