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This workshop was organised by the Art By Children (ABC) Programme, Kochi Biennale Foundation from 15th to 20th April 2021. It was led by two artist educators, Krishnapriya C P and Shefalee Jain alongside facilitator and artist educator Blaise Joseph. The workshop was changed to an online mode due to the pandemic.

It was a six days workshop for those interested in becoming facilitators in Art in Education. The workshop was held online for six days and the participants were introduced to different concepts and practices in art in education through a variety of exercises and presentations.

My approach to this workshop on Art in Education was to help participants think about and try out interesting ways in which specific children's books could be mobilised as resource materials in the classroom to initiate important dialogue on:

1. Difference and diversity in the classroom

2. Making space for children as producers of knowledge.

3. Creating the possibility of children building and maintaining a shared library in the classroom.


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