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The Strangest Sights of Man 1(video)

This video was shown at Gallery Espace, Video Wednesdays [ii] Festival, Nov. 2012, curated by Gayatri Sinha/Critical Collective and at Painting Dis-ease, a solo exhibition, Feb. 2012, by Shefalee Jain at the Faculty of Fine Arts gallery, M.S.U., Vadodara.

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The video cites the fairy tale Snow White, early twentieth century freakshows and modern medical imagery to think about the particular imperatives of beauty and normalcy as they have developed in the context of modernity. This understanding of beauty and normalcy lays priority on what the body is rather than on what it can do or what its unique capabilities may be. As a result of this the body is seen as lacking and in need of being normed rather than as a dynamic entity with the potential of multiple becomings.

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