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Mirror Mirror on the Wall

( A set of 8 objects: acrylic paint on prepared plywood with ornate teak wood frames)

Mirror mirror on the wall looks at how western medical practice and imagery, with its emphasis on visible evidence has ended up making a spectacle of illness. It has objectified the body and reduced it to nothing but an image for the eye to see and the mind to dissect. The emphasis on ocular evidence is such in the medical field in the west that somehow the patient no longer remains anything apart from a two dimensional image or a 3d model. It is this kind of reductive looking that I am trying to address through these works. That is perhaps the reason why the image of the mirror recurs in my work. The mirror, apart from being a reflection that the eye perceives, also suggests self reflection- thinking about who we are, how we see ourselves, how our sight is governed by various kinds of lenses of social constructs.

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